Electric city car

שדרות יגאל אלון 18, בית שמש, ישראל

על אודות Electric city car

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    Ben israeli
    May 11, 2022

    We can. Took me 800 instead of 320 elsewhere ..

    Jonathan Gold
    October 06, 2021

    Fraudster, took 550 on gas with phosphorus, while in another garage they took 80 NIS, in addition to a problem with the lighter they said it needs to be replaced and it is 200 NIS, then we got to the era of free cedar systems just moved something in the contacts

    הזמנות שכפולית
    February 22, 2021

    Do not approach crooks there I came with a proper vehicle And had to fix only the heating that did not work Called me and said that there was a malfunction in the head of the thermostat engine and more full of things did me serious damage in the car whoever wants not to be touched in the car not to approach thieves thieves !!!!!!!!

    א אראל
    December 05, 2020

    Looks reliable, pleasant service

    יוסף Tim
    January 10, 2021

    Outrageously expensive prices, reasonable service, I probably won't go back there

    Electric city car


    שדרות יגאל אלון 18, בית שמש, ישראל

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