Nachal Katlav

386, ישראל

על אודות Nachal Katlav

4.6 \ 5


    Viktoriya Kozina
    April 17, 2022

    One of the best routes for spring hiking. Be ready for quite a steep way up and down. About 300m of height change. A wonderful scenery, and an interesting abandoned 19th century railway station at the bottom point of the route (sorry no pics). Overall, if you are ready for a bit of a challenge - definitely recommended.

    Yisrael Parmet
    April 02, 2022

    Great short walk of 7 km

    Elez Vainer
    April 16, 2022

    Beautiful hike, There were tons of flowers.

    December 09, 2021

    The wadi is located in the Judean Mountains, in the America Independence Park.

    Oren Vilner
    December 11, 2021

    Great hiking trail for families, and also with small kids. There are many kind of tracks around here - some direct tracks and some circular tracks.

    Nachal Katlav


    386, ישראל

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